Tuesday, November 7, 2017



These week we been learning about animals adaptations and have made a human with adaptions.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The beach.


The seagulls were chirping because they are angry that they were not getting any food.They are so loud that people's ears are going to be dead.The cove is dark that can’t see anything around it.Hot firey sand is hot like are on fire.The horizon travels over the sea and into the hills that are far away. Waves crashed into the distance.

The stinky shellfish make my nose stink like rotten socks.A strong smell of sunscreen hits me as people squeeze the sunscreen on their smooth arms and legs.A salty  aroma from the ocean smoothly drifts up across the rough sand. The fish and chips mesmerises the seagulls to come and eat the fish and chips.Delicious scent of soft green grass drifts up my nose.

Abrasive sand powerfully blows on people's legs or feet.The hard waves smash on the rocky cliff then slides on my bumpy hair.A bushy tree was swaying side to side as with a bug clinging on its green bushy leaves.The waves come up fighting its way to make half of the sand wet.Then comes down in a shy way.

Nothing can stop me from going to the beach because you can relax and swim. The beach is like a best friend of yours because you can float in the water hear birds chirping and play on the playground.

I am proud of my writing because I used the fish and chips mesmerises the seagulls to come and eat the fish and chips.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Cure your hiccups

This week we have been reading about hiccups and how to cure your hiccups.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sequence map of an apple

This week we have be reading a book about how an apple gets grown and goes overseas.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thinking hats.

Three Way Conferences - Thinking Hats for Year 4-6
What are the facts about school?  What concepts have you learned about?  What have you been involved in?
Share a piece of work that you are proud of.  Talk about the process of creating it.  What new skills did you learn? What have you done well?  
What is an area that you need to improve in?  Share a piece of work that you found challenging. What do you need to do to improve?  Do you need some help?
Reading Age: 8-9yrs
Writing Level:beginning level 2
Maths strategy stage:5
Maths knowledge stage:5
Inquiry Topics:Taonga,function
Extra Curricular:gymnastic
Work I will share:Arcade games.
I created with boxes
Work I will share:
What are your feelings about your learning?  What makes you happy at school?  Is there anything that worries you?
What are your thoughts about your learning?  How are you doing overall?
So what now?  Create some goals with your teacher and your parents. Is there something your teacher or you parents can help with? (these could be started at your three way conference and finished later).

My Strengths:

My Challenges:
By now… I will have..A new goal to work on my stratios.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Character description.

Awful auntie

The character in the book is Awful Auntie. Awful auntie is Stella's Auntie.
Awful Auntie is the most horrible auntie in the world.

Awful Auntie always wins because she cheats so she can win. She plays it Tiddlywinks and  she cheats when they play a game every time. Awful Auntie is horrible because she makes bad stories.she is mean to people because she plays tricks on them.

She looks like camper because she wears camp clothes and she never change her clothes. She looks like a monster because she does not look happy at all.Awful Auntie is fat like a big bear and walks like a big giant.